Updating bios for msi

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How to flash the BIOS

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The process is the same for all modern MSI motherboards, and will work across all SKUs with some caveats and disclaimers.

Bios for msi Updating

This guide applies retroactively to Z motherboards, and even most Z97 motherboards. Article continues below the video, if written format is preferred. Video Tutorial: Place this cor the USB key. This means biios it could be damaged irreparably if done incorrectly. To avoid component damage, ensure the following: Do not flash firmware during power events or storms lightning that could cause power loss. Do not use any BIOS for any other device. Being the same brand is not good enough. You must use exactly the correct BIOS for the specific device. Note that the PC manufacturer remedies some of these problems for you.

For example, a Updaying update from Dell will be packaged into an executable file that will not only check to make sure the version of Updatingg BIOS you are installing is compatible Upadting your system, but will also go ahead flash the BIOS without you having to manually do it. Take note of the version and the date of the release. Search for your particular computer model and you should see a section called Drivers and Downloads or something similar. Here is an example from Dell. Always read the release notes or details to see what is actually being updated.

So should you install this update? For custom built PCs, you will need to visit the motherboard manufacturer website and download the drivers from there.

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Upcating is an example from the MSI website below. It also gives you a description of what the update includes. Improved memory compatibility means the motherboard simply supports more RAM chips from different manufacturers. Of course, you may need to Google some of the technical terms in order to understand what they are talking about. Check the version and date of the BIOS listed on the website and compare it to the one on your system.

If you decide there is an update you would like to install, there are several possible ways. Firstly, download the BIOS file, which will usually be in archive format like. Open the archive and look for a Readme.

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