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Once we finished the upgrade, we took a look at the new features in Spiceworks 7. Despite this, the software Spicdworks considerably more responsive. Refreshing pages, changing views, or switching between different areas of the software don't seem to take as long as they did in previous versions. Figure 1: Spiceworks also overhauled the way it scans for and inventories devices. Rather than comprehensively scanning the ladt network each and every time, Spiceworks now lets you schedule group scans so that you can poll critical devices and parameters more frequently than those that are less important.

For example, you might want to check a server's connectivity or free disk space every few minutes, but check for newly installed software every few hours. This can be done at any time in the future to freshen your inventory. Regular backups are highly encouraged according to Spiceworks support. Start by downloading and installing Slitheris Network Discovery v1. Just ask us on our Spiceworks vendor page! No credentials were entered. Wait about 30 seconds for processing time. In the Spiceworks import screen, make sure to choose Update Devices and the other option is disabled. Features Besides being free, Spiceworks has tons of great features. The dashboard is filled with widgets that can show everything from alerts, to Exchange server queues.

Spiceworks does a particularly great job with Windows servers.

It helps to simplify network management by pulling together Spiceworkd like Windows error reporting and Share management into a single console. Or, upeating down to individual servers for more detailed information like installed software reports. Spiceworks will detect and report on each of your virtual servers, as well as the host machine. Updatijg also can help with the task of yime mapping. Click on network maps to generate a full map of your network and Spifeworks devices. At times it decided to randomly drop servers and other devices off the map, despite showing online in the inventory. This is a great feature that is sure to be a big hit with administrators, especially ones that have multiple subnets to manage.

The built-in helpdesk tracking system is a winner — no more messing about with spreadsheets and scraps of paper. When users call in to report problems, just record the details in Spiceworks. You can even relate tickets to individual user accounts, thanks to the new Active Directory integration. Click on the People manager to view all user accounts, contact information, and helpdesk tickets tagged to each user. A web-based user portal is also part of the system. The portal provides a way for users to get information and submit their own help requests.

The portal can contain contact phone numbers, self-help information, links, and outage bulletins. Network devices like switches and routers are supported too.

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Spiceworks will use SNMP to gather data from your network gear. As an example in the screenshot below, Spiceworks has identified all of the network interfaces on a router and displayed a traffic graph for one of the interfaces. Monitoring and alerting is a key piece of any management system. By default, a comprehensive list of monitors is enabled. Disk space problems, device outages, and configuration changes are a few examples, and custom monitors can be added too.

When problems occur, alerts are generated in the Spiceworks console and can be emailed to administrators. No management system would be complete without good reporting. Reports can be generated for everything from helpdesk ticket statistics, to warranty and inventory information.

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