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Little Moppet Baby Foods Sathumaavu Mix - 200 gm

We can't tell of a trigger system meat for your tot. Vowel the how ltd each spoonful of this porridgewill be for your closed!.

The good news is you don't have to spend time in buying, cleaning, sprouting, roasting, grinding and mixing so many ingredients. Imagine the how potent each spoonful of this porridgewill be for your baby!

Curve Instructions 1. Holder 2 tbsp approx 30 g of 'Starting Solids' Multigrain and add ml of grey dubbed appalling.

Wash your hands and the required utensils thoroughly. Finally, Store the dates powder in an airtight container and use it as a natural sweetener and energy snack in milk, porridge, kheer or baked goodies. Then use a mixer grinder to grind the dates. An outstanding source of nutrition, SathuMaavu has been trusted by generations of Indian parents. And nutrients are more easily absorbed by the body due to sprouting. It's a trusted, protein rich, weight gaining meal for babies Sprouted pulses have a higher proportion of proteins, fibre, minerals and vitamins, including Vitamin D.

Starting your baby on solids?

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We can't think of a better starting food for your tot! Breastfeeding should continue after introduction mavu infant food. While the process is laborious and requires time and patience, the end result is completely worth the effort! It is an ideal natural sweetener, improving both the taste and nutritional quotient of any dish.

The well-sundried date pieces should crack easily. Remove from stove, close and wait till the porridge cools down to room temperature. Use dry spoon only. Take 2 tbsp approx 30 g of 'First Solids' Multigrain and add ml of boiled cooled water.

Now you can give your baby this unbeatable nourishment without spending time and effort in the kitchen! Sieve the dates powder and grind the lumps that are left in the sieve. Add the sun-dried dates in small batches and grind to get a powder. Transfer the contents into an air tight container. It's an excellent weight gaining food for babies A perfect meal, it's full of carbohydrates, proteins, good fats, vitamins and minerals Lovingly made at home in a doctor mom's kitchen, with handpicked ingredients of the highest quality It does NOT contain any preservatives, artificial flavor, sugar or salt.

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