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Jitendra Jagadev and Amarendra Sahu Founded: It is a managed online home rental marketplace which turns unfurnished houses into fully-furnished and managed apartments and provides them at affordable prices to pre-verified tenants. Lookup Founder: Deepak Ravindran Founded: Thrillophilia Founders: The company is aims to help consumer to never miss any of their favourite things while on the move, be it the love beer, adventure or driving fast cars. Currently 1. HackerEarth Founded: HackerEarth allows recruiters to quickly identify and hire the right candidate from its thriving community of developers.

Online Programming Challenges — Programmers from around the world participate in online programming challenges, compete against each other and get ranked based on their coding abilities. The 50 stories that we will feature here are not a ranking, in any order. The stories have been picked by us and the only parameter on which they have been judged are their innovation and disruption quotients. Last year's list had a lot of robotics, telemetry and even a startup converting air pollution into ink. Not by design, but for the first time since we started the compilation, there is no e-commerce that has made the cut.

Ecommerce continue to do well and attract substantial investments, but it is clearly reaching a plateau in terms of innovation.

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Incremental changes and value addition keeps happening, but it is not more the petri dish of innovation. Instead, our list this year has a substantial number of companies in healthcare and agriculture. A Nasscom-Zinov report says that India has added over tech startups intaking the total number of tech startups to India is witnessing a rapid rise in the B2B tech startup landscape, focused on verticals like healthtech and fintech. It is heartening to see that a startup from Nashik has made it to the Hot Startups list, a city normally not associated with innovation.

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What is even more important is the nature of innovations taking place at these startups. Bangalore Little is a hyper-local app for discovering the best deals in restaurants, films, hotels, salons, gyms and spas. Little has enrolled over 15, merchants and offers deals in 11 cities across India. This year is proving just as eventful for Little. Bangalore Dunzo is a personal task management app that uses artificial intelligence AI and human operators to get everyday tasks done.

Bangalore Mobile health startup Grow Fit offers a chat-based coaching programme to help Indians improve their physical and mental health. Grow Fit is backed by entrepreneurship platform GrowthStory and recently bought nutritional beverages startup Drink King. The Bangalore-based startup says the deal will help expand its services to include customised diet plans and healthy meal replacements. Grow Fit boasts over million users.

Bangalore Period tracking app Maya previously LoveCycles Promjsing built in India and has Projising of users worldwide. Maya is taking advantage of increased smartphone use in remote parts of India to help women better manage their menstrual health. Bala also founded Snapfish, which was later sold to Hewlett Packard. Bangalore headquarters MagicX is an artificial intelligence AI app that helps users carry out day-to-day tasks, such as bill payments and grocery shopping, via chat. The app is currently available in English, Hindi and Kannada, with eight more languages coming soon.

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