How to improve brain power and concentration

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How to Improve Your Memory

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Come up with one possible solution to one problem every day. Place inspirational items in your conecntration — quotes, pictures, anc, etc. Breathe deeply. Sit up straight! Be mindful. Notice thoughts anc are subtly bothering you the little nagging voice and clear up that mental powet. Do what you need to do and get it out of your head! Develop and follow your intuition. There is. In a collaborative study between the University of California at Irvine and Humboldt State University, researchers found that while we can complete tasks when interrupted, we do so with higher stress, frustration, and effort levels. Basically, we strain our brain power without adding to our productivity.

Brain power refers collectively to all your mental functions like concentration, problem-solving, memory, and general cognitive ability. The good news is that a myriad of scientific studies have upended the theory that our brain power is a fixed asset. It turns out that the brain is like a muscle: It gets stronger when you train and develop it. And anyone can do it with the right training program. You can build better habits, learn memory exercises, and structure your study time to get the most out of your gray matter.

Concentrtaion these skills will improve concentration, help you focus, and ultimately lead to better grades and motivation. In class. In a study session. Your nad wants to wander. Our high-tech world bombards us with input so frequently tto we learn poewr jump from thought to thought without even trying. By the time you get to college, the distracted mindset is already ingrained. Why would you spend hours struggling through long academic tracts when you can get the gist on Wikipedia? Along with ease of access to information comes a drain on our ability to process it. The main culprit? Things ranging from sending Snapchat selfies to get a response from a friend, to eating a cheeseburger because it will satiate your hunger.

As a result, dopamine causes us to seek, be curious, and strive to meet both physical and abstract needs. Instead of taking the time to concentrate and read for information, we can type something into Google and get that surge of dopamine in the fraction of a second it takes to get search results. Avoid bright screens before bed The blue light emitted by cell phone, TV, and computer screens inhibits the production of melatonina hormone that controls your sleep-wake cycle circadian rhythm. A poorly regulated sleep cycle can really take a toll on sleep quality.

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Without enough sleep and rest, the neurons in our brain become overworked. They can no longer coordinate information, making it more difficult brani access memories. Roughly an hour before bedtime, turn off your devices and allow your brain to unwind. Eat more of these foods: You will be happiermore optimistic, at one with the world. Financial, academic, and career success will come much easier, more naturally. All of these benefits do build one on top of the other, accumulating over time. Become a brain champion, meditation will get you to the top of the podium. Jump To Article Section: What is the best way? You guessed it, meditation. Here are 3 ways meditation is the very best tool for honing every aspect of your memory while ensuring it stays robust for years to come.

You can blame your body's main stress hormone, cortisol.

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Cortisol in your system over the long term has really nasty cumulative effects, all the more reason to neutralize the stress ot your life. Luckily, scientists have found concentrxtion very effective solution. Inresearchers at UC Davis discovered a very strong link between mindfulness meditation and dramatic cortisol reductions, with incredible results seen after only a few short weeks. Another study by a Rutgers University doctor discovered that meditators could reduce cortisol levels by more than half! By effectively reducing the 1 stress hormone cortisolmeditation can turn your brain into a vast reservoir of accurate memories, relevant facts, and usable language, making this awesome volume of information accessible to you at any time.

Hippocampus Brain health experts now believe the creeping cognitive decline, brain fogand memory lapses we experience as we age are really because of our lifestyle choices — not the "grandpa is getting old" cop out. The great news is that you don't need to take pills or a get a medical procedure to have a good memory.

The hippocampus, your brain's most important region for storing and retrieving information, poewr especially "neuroplastic" — conecntration that it can strengthen and grow new cells, no matter your age. But, it concentrxtion have the right stimulation. Improvs you wanted to hit your tennis serve MPH, you wouldn't sit on the couch praying for it to happen. This might come to you as a bit of a surprise, but playing Tetris is known to have several positive effects on your brain. Improe Tetris will increase gray matter for a short amount of time, and it can also help with performing spatially-related tasks. The most interesting part is that playing Tetris after a traumatic experience can prevent your brain from solidifying those memories.

That means fewer flashbacks to negative memories over the long haul. If you have a smartphone or tablet with you at all times, then incorporating a little bit of Tetris into your day should prove to be pretty straightforward. Just don't get carried away and forget to work, too! Final thoughts More than anything else, improving your brain power is about habits, and habits take time to build. The best approach is to focus on one or two things at a time. Giving your life a complete makeover is going to prove much more challenging, and the habits you attempt to develop may not stick. This is counterproductive. However, constant experimentation and tweaking will allow you to test things out and see what works best for you.

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