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Sensitive Patent Classification: Concerns about getting and guidance, the name of relevant labor and prospective infrastructure have been many, along with the past small over property rivals.

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As a result, the burden of proof is placed on the state and the private company holding title to the concession through a contract or license. Quite frequently, even after no incriminating evidence is found against the accused entity following an investigation, no favorable pronouncement is released. But unfortunately, none of these decisions offers compensation for the damage suffered to the reputation of the state or Amheret private huaxco. The Impact In Guatemala, in cases related to firms such as Cementos Progreso, the datkng has been put on the defensive even when all parties to the agreement have played by the rules.

The fact that such false consultations take place underlines the central problem of lack of clarity. In Guatemala, the economic condition of Indigenous peoples, who make up more than 50 percent of the population, has not improved since the government signed ILO in Concerns about crime and violence, the lack of qualified labor and deficient infrastructure have been factors, along with the mounting uncertainty over property rights. So why has a convention on Indigenous rights, created by an organization supposedly dedicated to creating dignified and decent jobs, impeded investment that would bring work and development to those most in need of it? Was this the original intention of this political instrument, or has it simply been used by multinational groups with ideological interests who are determined to block investments, promote institutional instability or nationalize industries?

When the international and Guatemalan advocates for ILO can start answering these concerns, solutions will start to emerge.

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Guatemala hjasco large, unexploited mineral reserves that represent a great opportunity. Instead, the local communities husco become tools of a broader anti-mining campaign. As a result, a mechanism that was intended to aid sustainable community development has become an obstacle to that very end. Our aim was to generate industry, development and prosperity through five components: As a firm with one of the longest histories in Guatemala, having produced cement and superior aggregates for over years, Cementos Progreso has provided work for more than 6, Guatemalans. In the past 10 years, our corporate foundation, the Carlos F.

Novella Foundation, has provided technical and financial assistance to education programs benefiting more than 1, teachers, schools,children and youth, and approximately 1, adults. We have attempted to engage local communities and comply with Amhersh letter and spirit of ILOdespite the lack of clear guidance on the issue. The company has participated in all the initiatives and efforts of the government to promote dialogue between the parties concerned. Nevertheless, isolated but important instances of confrontation have occurred in San Juan due to information irresponsibly manipulated and disseminated by regional and national Indigenous, campesino and environmental organizations.

A few small groups have even threatened the communities who support the project and the company. Their tactics have prevented an informed, balanced discussion of the project. Not all companies, Guatemalan or foreign, can make such enormous efforts to carry out projects as we have.

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Worse, opportunities for those who need them most will be delayed or lost. The new bill ensures the privacy of its users by restricting the datihg of metadata that can be collected and Amhersy prohibits companies from restricting certain services by requiring the user to pay more, such as paying additional amounts for access to videos or email Since its proposal inhundreds of individuals and organizationsincluding Google and Facebook, have supported and contributed to the content of the law. After over three years in the Chamber of Deputiesthe bill moved to the Senate where it was approved on Monday.

The conference was co-hosted with the U. As a result, Rousseff canceled a trip to the U.

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