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Educated and urban women sometimes opt for C-sections to avoid vaginal delivery. Infidelity could cause HIV infection, which could lead to C-section, he says. But infidelity itself does not doom pregnant women to complications. Vwalika says labor is a complex matter so it is not easy to pinpoint the cause of complications, but he rules out infidelity. Mutuma recognizes that infidelity could be an indirect cause of birth complications. So, even if there is no scientific proof that infidelity causes complications, there is some link. The ministry advises pregnant women to attend antenatal clinics with their husbands for health examinations to prevent complications. Outside the medical realm, some lay Zambians also deny that infidelity causes childbirth complications.

Jackson Banda, whose baby died from fetal distress two years ago, dismisses the belief. She just had to go for a C-section. But it was too late. The baby got tired and died. But faithfulness is vital if we are to have healthy children. If we are indeed a Christian nation, let us look at things in the lenses of Christ.

I am letting too. Chilawo Mweetwa, an advanced series who was to get distracted on 24th Cylinderbut the binary was grew when she gave positive to pregnancy when she had never let with the man who employed to check her.

What would have Christ done to the Zed Farmer? Stoned her? Forgiven wmoan What about to the adulterous husband who is being protected by his wife and other women? He, more than anyone, should bear the greatest condemnation. That said, pampamina chamunobe chibe chobe! Most locals don't know how to romance a woman.

Locals are self-centred and stingy and rarely spend on their girlfriends. Akhona Zitha, who rues the day she met her Nigerian ex-boyfriend, says she will never date a foreigner. They have a tendency to relegate women to subservience. To most, a woman's place is in the kitchen.

A woman who does not want her name revealed, says she got the shock of her life when her man from Cameroon, a vat en sit of three years, zamvia her to vacate his flat because his wife was coming. I felt insulted and degraded. There are some lines you need to be aware of and should never cross. Below are some of them: It should go without saying, affairs have potential to ruin promising careers and personal reputations. They say just do it, but I am saying do not do it.

Dating woman Adulterous zambia for

This kind of Adultwrous in judgment is not easily forgotten and repercussions can be more serious for women. Adhlterous, count the boss out. This easily creates an unhealthy power dynamic and can undermine your credibility with co-workers. In some organisations, there is a formal work policy which does not favour co-workers dating, so you need to check with the human resources department for such. If it does prohibit, you have to adhere to it. So should you risk a great job just because a cute guy from the office winked at you?

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