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If you have a penis, think of it like your penis. The penis and clitoris Poctures very similar, the only main differences are how much it sticks out of the body. So for enjoyable sexy times it can be nice for them both to be touched, stroked, licked, sucked or buzzed with a vibrator. For some people all of those things are enjoyable, for others not so much.

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It is behind ot labia and surrounds the vagina. The corpus cavernosa fills with blood which is then trapped to create an erect clitoris. The bulbs and legs become swollen and flit throbby. Because of this, on the outside the glans gets harder and sticks out more and the whole vulva swells up and feels bigger. Again, if you have a penis think of it like your penis — the clitoris gets hard by blood being trapped inside all the blood vessels, just like the penis when it gets hard. Corpus cavernosa of the penis left and the clitoris right The vagina Vaginas vary in size from person to person and they vary a lot. In this study the length of the vaginas measured were between 41 and 95mm.

In this study the length of the opening to the vagina the introitus for you sex geeks out there ranged between 6 and 75mm.

They stay the same size, but they get more stretchy when they are turned on and people get turned on when they know how their bodies work and know what to expect from sex. When the vagina is aroused it gets wetter, more relaxed and stretchy. Most Picturees the stretching happens deep inside the vagina near the cervix. It stretches Pitures make room for what is put inside it. This allows for a penis or sex toy or fingers to fit comfortably in the vagina. The first third of the vagina is very sensitive as it is possible to stimulate the clitoris and prostate in that area, however many people find different parts of the vagina are more sensitive at different times.

Some people find that the fornix area is very sensitive. Lots of people say the upper wall of the vagina near the opening is very sensitive. Wanting to learn how to have sex? The G spot Many people find that the upper or front wall of the vagina has an area which is particularly sensitive to the touch and can have orgasms from having this area stimulated — many people call this the G spot. Not everyone likes this area to be touched and prefer different areas. But some really do. It can be sensitive because of the location of the clitoris but also the prostate.

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A wordsearch! Follow the line! Spot the difference! Colouring in! I womne your web site but always thought the vaginas were so much prettier than mine. My name is Janet and I am 40 years old. When I introduced my husband to your web site he was very excited and insisted I send a photo of my pussy. I hope you can include this photo.

Love, Janet Hi Janine, I used to be so ashamed of my vulva but my boyfriend has shown me how lovely it really is and now I love it! I love your site. My name is Destiny I am 20 years old and my man likes taking pictures of my pussy so I thought I'd share! Please post my girlfriend's pussy she would love it so much. Very disappointed it didn't make it yet. Second time emailing! Here are some pictures of another vulva which I'm told is beautiful. You are very welcome to use them on your website if you think people would like to see them. I am 57 years old. Regards, Di.

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