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Havihg bobmy ownand the bed had sag eds where we looked after just about 4 binaries. My son las it. Now, after my own personal run, my back regains supported and salty!.

Poor quality Buyer Beware Worst mattress ever owned. This bed was purchased to eventually be a guest bed.

My boyfriend and I purchased a 'top rated' mattress I was surprised how firm it was, which was what I wanted, and it has been a great support for my back as I recently had an injury. A Mattress Firm store was close That wasn't the case at all I do feel bad for the local retailers because they just cant compete with the online prices. My hypothesis is that the coil springs under the memory foam do not allow the foam to compress to the extent that they would otherwise. Still amazing to this day. Got a firmer one than usual, but getting used to it.

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Its very good for side sleeping. The second part is a squishy gel memory foam topper that is squishy and soft. Good quality. Worst mattress memory foam we ever bought.

This mattress is listed as plush but it is not. I tried out hundreds of them over several days in various stores. I'd caution this company to put a WARNING on the package because a small child or pet could really be hurt when this thing explodes out of the packaging. I had read the reviews on this mattress prior to us going into the store and asked if they had it in store, which they did not.

Good bed for the status. I profoundly vic it. Let me think you, the world you get what you pay for is little when it would to this bed.

We were looking to get rid of my close to 15 year mattress but we were tight on money. This bed replaced an expensive stearns and foster that was sagging. The packaging is a little off-putting, but its worth the time it takes to expand. I have gotten my best night's sleep on this mattress so do my 2 German Shepherds. Has warranty but stains void warranty.

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