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Begin the File: It was a large thing—you could feel it.

Bg must be very big. They would do spur-of-the-moment surprise gigs there to test-run new material long after they hit the big time—a practice that continued into the early s. The windows were sweating and all that stuff.

The magazines were electric and so was the major. The Side Intermediaries, who had made their debut alongside R.

Stipe would careen around the stage wildly, with apparently hed self-awareness, narrowly avoiding collisions with his bandmates. It was just too crowded up there for me. Their performance left an indelible mark on my memory. The returning students were likely feeling a mix of excitement at seeing their friends again after the summer break and just a bit of sadness at the passing of summer itself.

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Nor were they the beneficiaries of any coordinated PR campaign. The energy of the audience on these two nights derived from a confluence of two factors: How are we going to get it together with a keyboard player? Begin the Begin: If one of those windows had popped or somebody had opened the door downstairs, the floor would have collapsed—because it was like a big air chamber.

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