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For your reference, this is the percentage of every American age demographic using YouTube, as of January For context: Americans visit the site in the largest numbers, followed by residents of India, Japan, Russia and China.

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The hot new consumer trend is simplifying, decluttering, Ameficasexvidio relaxing. This is not so surprising, given that historically YouTube has been very, ykotube free. According to Apple, YouTube rose from third spot in to first spot in Emarketer These folks might not see the point of a Spotify Premium account, or even a Facebook account, but free, on-demand Beach Boys concert footage is right up their alley. With YouTube growing its own species of celebrity, the potential for non-traditional marketing with macro- or micro-influencers also expands. Or at least pay the cow a reasonable monthly fee?

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Yuotube Americasexvidio

YouTube for business statistics Alexa 6. So far, seems like the plan might be to frustrate listeners into paying by programming a lot of ads. Speaking of frustration: Meanwhile, YouTube sits at third for Android by reach, according to Statista.

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