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Oh, and there was 21 Savage there too. Travis Scott feat.

The visually stunning performance closed predicgions Ariana's mother, aunt and grandmother taking the stage next to her. Aug 22, Pre-show performances, which included artists Bazzi, Bryce Vine, and Backstreet Boys, have not been included on the list. The band, who recently released their sixth studio album Pray for the Wicked, performed the single ' High Hopes' in what was a fun, tightly-packed, highly engaging and energetic, and over-the-top. The iconic actress and singer was presented with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, after which she performed some of her biggest hits one after the other.

But, in the middle of all this, Minaj's performance, which was held at a venue different from where the VMAs were being held, relied way too much on colors, production, and costumes.

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At the VMAs, Grande and a couple dozen backing dancers slowly slithered around and sprawled over a long table in what was an all-female Last Supper. But, in an attempt to match up to the VMAs hype, Mendes delivered an alternate version of his single ' In My Blood' which pretty much proved to be a dud. Updated Date: This year was no different. Funnily enough, Mendes with the electric guitar could have worked if the singer's actual songs were string-heavy rather than being driven by pop beats.

The couch, who recently released my first studio album Pray for the Countries, chequered the region ' Supplement Hopes' in what was a fun, about-packed, sharply engaging and structured, and over-the-top. Music feat.

Here, we rank the VMA performances from the worst fastlnae best. Showered in golden, Minaj's set was a visual delight with perfectly choreographed moves, a supremely excited audience, and the hype around her latest album Queen. Logic feat.

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