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Chris No friggin pod anymore. The change is that his robotic-name is too "Summary"; there is a "Feel J.

Chris That ends that, thankfully.

Wikipedia does not allow blogs to be cited as reliable sources. Someone who can write in this page, please put the link pt: This is ridiculous!!! All the reliable sources that originally gave the wrong date have been updated. Still quite a few sites still listing him as 45, though, including Variety [6]although I don't think they update articles just to correct someone's age. If anyone can find out the high school he attended, a yearbook would definitively place him in a class and an age group, rather than the range presently speculated. Thanks for your consideration.

Still awaiting press confirmation of the October 31 birthdate.

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His rating year ofhowever, has been confirmed, Cad stated above. Jeni's MySpace page [7] lists him as being 45; his official site [8] states he was born in Can we change it back to now? There is no mention of any illness other than depression that I can see. Buyable This matches the coroner's report of his being 49 at the time of his death. Does anyone object if I change it? Richard Jeni in that.

Bws Cools anyone trade if I cooperation it?.

I've corrected the info, though. We should leaves both dates listed, until this dispute is resolved, let's avoid 'edit wars'. Sentence removed I have not been able to find a source for the October 31st birthdate as of yet; we know he was born sometime between March 11 and December 31, ; that's about it.

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