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Medications at Transitions and Clinical Handoffs (MATCH) Toolkit for Medication Reconciliation

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This new flowchart should be compared to the initial flowchart developed before redesign to highlight efficiencies through streamlined process steps and integration into existing workflow with consideration to transition points as applicable. Designing the Process—Considerations for Various Medicwtion Settings Finding a starting point for improving the medication reconciliation project should be driven by understanding the needs of Medifation departments and clinical roles and responsibilities of staff at each transition point is a great way to begin. Below are various transition points that should be considered as you build a plan to improve the medication reconciliation process. Inpatient Practice Setting.

One goal for medication reconciliation is to standardize and simplify the process throughout the organization. Often, nuances within various practice settings create challenges for medication reconciliation when patients transition through the hospital. It is important to recognize and understand these nuances, modify them as appropriate to minimize variations, and then integrate them into the overall process design. Begin by designing a core or primary process. How can each of the admission points be integrated into a primary or core process?

Could one or more disciplines within each admission point initiate a "One Source of Truth" or confirm the list with the patient for accuracy and completeness? Often, the flowchart is the primary process that encompasses the most high-volume entry points into the facility. Sample flowcharts by practice setting are provided for reference in the Appendix.

Ambulatory surgery can be a successful starting point of the "One Source of Truth" medication list. It is a relatively controlled environment that pre-schedules patient-nurse interactions and that commonly encompasses a medication review Mdeication each patient. In most cases, the patient is not acutely ill and can rdconciliation accurate information when given Meedication time. Piloting the improved process in Meddication department is a good way to establish the culture of using a "One Source of Truth. While the majority of discussion and examples within this toolkit focus on inpatient settings, post-acute care facilities can adapt the same concepts to strengthen or implement a medication reconciliation timimg.

A skilled nursing facility would look at all the processes that are common conduits for nursing home placement. Using admission directly from a hospital as the core process, the facility could then look at all variations on admissions that are encountered and make changes to the core process similar to the examples provided. Some variables may include admissions directly from home, admissions and referrals from home with the involvement of a home health provider, and even respite stays. Similarly, a home health care provider could define its core process as an admission directly from an inpatient hospital stay to the services to be provided.

In mapping out their process, the home health care provider could determine variations to this core process e. While many health care facilities are not "fully" electronic, it is important to have a good understanding of the needs of the clinician workflow and the process, as well as have a sound understanding of each department's individual needs, as this will assist in the choice of an electronic system or to build a process once there is a choice of EHR. The following examples provide guidance on incorporating an electronic medication reconciliation process that includes "One Source of Truth" into the admission, transfer, and discharge workflow in order to make the right thing to do the easy thing to do.

A medication profile could be pulled into forms or presented when patients' current medication lists are obtained and documented i. Go to Figure 5. Within an EHR, incorporating medication reconciliation steps into a physician's workflow may include: Building "One Source of Truth" that includes documentation and confirmation of a patient's current medication list with radio buttons to indicate the accuracy, completeness, and information sources utilized evidence of a "good faith" effort for obtaining the patient's current medication information. Ability to indicate the plan for each home medication such as discontinuing, continuing, or modifying current medications in relation to the intended treatment goals for the episode of care when placing medication orders.

Prompts to complete medication reconciliation when placing an admission or post-op order set. Receiving a task after the physician completes medication reconciliation to verify home medications documented by the physician with the patient, family, or other sources.

Any new information regarding the patient's home medication list should be discussed with Mdeication physician and resulting changes documented. This verification step also provides an educational opportunity to teach patients about the medications ordered for them in the hospital in relation to their home medications, and comment on any differences. Reconciling home medications with current inpatient orders. Clarifying unintended discrepancies i. Completing a discipline-specific form with radio buttons and comment sections to document interactions and clarifications with patients, other sources, reconciliqtion the prescriber to trace follow-through on discrepancies and resulting clarifications and modifications, if needed.

Go to Figures 6 and 7. Intra-hospital Transfer. When a transfer datung is placed indicating the patient is ready for transfer to another unit within the hospital, the physician may receive a prompt or reminder to perform medication reconciliation. Instructions may be included for the physician to: Assess current medication orders and make any changes or modifications in preparation for the new level of care. Review the patient's pre-admission medication list. Home medications initially held may now be appropriate to restart upon transfer. Physician Prompting at Discharge. Physicians may be prompted or reminded to perform medication reconciliation when placing a "discharge order," indicating the patient is ready for discharge.

A discharge checklist could also be created listing elements that need to be completed prior to discharge e. The goal for discharge medication reconciliation includes: Comparing the patient's pre-admission medication list with the patient's current inpatient medications. Updating the patient's pre-admission medication list to reflect the patient's medication regimen upon discharge. This list may be integrated into Discharge Instructions for the patient and Discharge Summary for the next provider of service. Explaining the importance of managing medication information to the patient when discharged or at the end of an outpatient encounter.

Instruct patient to: Give a list to their primary care provider. Update the list when medications are discontinued, doses are changed, or new medications including OTC medications are added.

Reconciliation timing Medication dating

Carry medication information at all times in case of an emergency. Contact the physician to clarify patient questions encountered during the patient counseling session prior to discharge. External Transfers. An external transfer patient is a patient who is transferred from a hospital outside of your own system. Such transfers may occur based on patient or provider request, specialty services required, or additional acute care reconciloation. External transfer patients have additional complexity in regards to medication reconciliatiom because three sources of information require review and reconciliation: Patient's list of medications prior to their hospitalization.

Medication reconciliation dating timing that rrconciliation being administered to the patient at the outside hospital prior to transfer. Medications ordered at your hospital. If the organization receives transfers from other hospitals, you should ensure a process is in place to address these reconciliation needs. Adequate communication and handoffs from the sending facility are critical to ensure all medication therapies are addressed and reconciled during the assessment and development of the patient's care plan at the organization. It is important to realize several key elements regarding medication reconciliation before getting started, especially as they apply to any practice setting i.

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