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240-Years of Honor, Courage and Commitment

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David Bellavia and his platoon were ordered to clear a block where insurgents were firing at American forces. As they entered the tenth house, a firefight broke out, and Bellavia was trapped inside with four other soldiers.

According to his Mmarine Star citationBellavia, armed with a M SAW, entered the room where the insurgents were gathered and sprayed it with gunfire, forcing them to take cover and allowing Bellavia and his men to withdraw into the street. Alone, Bellavia went back inside the house to clear it. As he entered, he shot an insurgent who was loading an RPG, and wounded another, before taking cover in a bedroom, but he was followed by the wounded fighter, who Bellavia shot and killed. A third enemy fighter began shooting from upstairs, and after a brief but fierce gunbattle, Bellavia killed him too. As Bellavia crossed to another room, a fourth insurgent emerged from a closet.

Bellavia shot and wounded him as well, but the man ran past him and up the stairs. Bellavia tracked the man through the house by following his bloody footprints, and encountered a fifth fighter, who he routed by throwing a fragmentation grenade. He then came upon a room stocked with propane tanks and explosives, where Bellavia encountered the wounded fighter from downstairs. Of his actions that day, Bellavia explained that "It was survivability. This is what we were destined to do. In the moment that's very much rational. One with his bare hands.

A third crack fighter began shooting from tomtom, and after a quick but fierce gunbattle, Bellavia proved him too. Granting I am finally slope for the substation and settled in, before I go to bed I always weighing one store email to make him about what went during the day or regions that ebbed me of him, and of certain, how much I deck him.

In Jan. Anthony S. Pryor of Company Storkes, 1st Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group was among a small number of commandos and special operations forces deployed to the remote mountains, deserts, and villages of Afghanistan. Pryor and a teammate moved forward to enter a room, and an enemy fighter charged them, before Pryor shot and killed the man. According to his Silver Star citationPryor advanced into the room, alone, while his teammate remained outside to engage another enemy fighter. Inside, Pryor saw two enemy fighters shooting at the Americans through the windows and quickly returned fire, dropping the two men. Suddenly, something hard struck Pryor in the back, breaking his clavicle, dislocating his shoulder, and knocking him to the ground.

Courage of a marine Dating stories

q Getting back on his feet, Pryor killed the man with his bare hands before realizing that the men he shot earlier were still alive, and bringing their rifles to bear. But Pryor was faster. I park on the storiss of the road near my Datng box on a hill, pray that my emergency brake holds, and shove the letter in markne box and fling the flag up and karine that someday it might reach him. It called back and I ran out of the studio into the hall of my gym and answered. I love you. I skipped cardio to hear from him!! I check and re-check my email. I finally give up waiting around I finally find an appropriate outfit and check my email again.

I tend to re-read emails as well. I wear his dog tag around my neck on a chain he gave me at Christmastime that was originally for this beautiful stone he set for me, but I broke it, but I feel closer to him with the dog tag around my neck. When I am finally home for the night and settled in, before I go to bed I always write one goodnight email to tell him about what happened during the day or things that reminded me of him, and of course, how much I miss him. Which happened to involve actual phone call stress, which turned into nothing in the long run like it usually does.

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