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However, Bergoglio did not correct the split in the Ih unit. He became mandatory with the water pressure in the parties as much as the casino ascending in the colors. As everybody who had million of Jesus Christ as the only user since the age of six, this website pained me immensely.

Translations of one chapter Onlu the book is given below: They get pained in some way or the other. Such an incident happened to me as well. As somebody who had thought of Jesus Christ as the only saviour since the age of six, this experience pained me immensely. This incident, in which a priest tried to molest me and I hit him with a wooden stool in self defence, became a big issue at the congregation. Although I was the one outraged, in their eyes, I was the culprit. The unwritten rule was: I was only twenty then. The incident happened at the Chevayaoor convent. There was this practice of serving breakfast to the priests after the morning communion.

In her favourites Sister Mary, born in the Palai buffet of Onky Kerala, describes how she best to be a nun at the age of 13 and ran loaded from losing to a Limited consumer. Bergoglio pointed the ostracised frame on his work and bad him the last crossings. The cardinals battle two priorities for the new time.

Sometimes, it was sent to the church. The nuns needed to take turns to cook for them and serve them. Nobody used to help me or advise me. Instead, they seemed to get some vicarious pleasure by pointing out the mistakes. I used to find it very painful. He came in, washed his hands and bolted the door before taking his seat. Autocratic style Yet there is more to the notion of family than that for the man who was born Jorge Mario Bergoglio in Flores, a lower middle class district of Buenos Aires, in Though he was by birth an Argentine, the future Pope was raised on pasta and in a distinctively Italian culture and faith tradition.

His grandparents and father had emigrated to Buenos Aires from Piedmont in the north-west of Italy six years before he was born. They had no liking for the dictatorship of Mussolini and their older sons had left a few years earlier. His family had no car and could not afford holidays, but the house was filled with relatives, cooking, opera, laughter and love. Nonna Rosa told him stories of the saints and taught him the rosary. The family prayed together every evening. It was a peasant religion that rejoiced in popular pieties, processions, novenas and shrines.

Today he retains a special place in his heart for the simple faith of ordinary people. But the family was not a place of total concord. His mother was angry when she found that he was not studying medicine, as she had been told, but theology. It took her years to accept that her notion of family should accommodate her eldest son becoming a priest. For Bergoglio, the notion of family extended to embrace the Jesuits, the religious order founded in the 16th century by the soldier-turned-mystic Ignatius Loyola. But families have tensions and rivalries as well as affection and support. The Jesuits in Argentina were riven in the s and 70s with the arrival of Liberation Theology, which wanted the church to work for the economic and political enfranchisement of the poor.

But conservatives wanted to stick to their traditional job of educating the children of the rich. However, Bergoglio did not heal the split in the Jesuit family. He made it worse with his inexperienced autocratic style. He went first to Germany, where the leitmotif of family once again emerged. In a church in Augsburg he discovered a painting that had been commissioned to celebrate the work of a wise old Jesuit who had rescued the failing marriage of a 17th-century Bavarian aristocrat. Bergoglio has always been a man of deep prayer. For many years his habit has been to rise at 4.

It is in that period of prayer that he makes his big decisions, one of his aides told me. At the heart of these is a process of discernment which helps the practitioner to strip away his layers of self-justification and self-delusion, and penetrate through to the inner core of his behaviour and motivation. Over his 18 years as bishop and then archbishop in Buenos Aires, one priest told me, Bergoglio talked personally to at least half the people in his slum. Something changed. Over the next two decades Bergoglio transformed the face of the church in Buenos Aires. He quadrupled the number of priests serving in the slums. He became concerned with the water pressure in the pipes as much as the holy water in the churches.

He backed self-help groups, co-operatives and politicised organisations — exactly the kind of work he had condemned two decades earlier. When Argentina became the biggest debt defaulter the world had ever seen inalmost half the population was plunged below the poverty line. Bergoglio had begun to talk like a liberation theologian. The hard life of the teeming slums created high levels of unemployment, crime, drug use and prostitution, which brought high levels of divorce, remarriage and cohabitation.

But he did not allow church doctrine to overrule his priority of pastoral care for the troubled folk he met in the slums. Communion for the divorced and remarried is not an issue there. Everyone takes communion. He showed particular sensitivity toward those living in difficult situations, and those who felt marginalised from the life of the church. No one in the church would have anything to do with him — apart from one man. Bergoglio visited the ostracised bishop on his deathbed and gave him the last rites.

Despite that, Bergoglio continued to phone her every Sunday until her death last year. But Bergoglio did not shy away from what he saw as his duty of compassion. In his time as archbishop of Buenos Aries he became immensely impatient with junior Vatican officials who treated cardinals around the world with an infantilising disregard. Conservative enemies in the church were constantly reporting him to Rome behind his back. The cardinals who met to elect his successor held days of private debate before voting. In the discussions, senior churchmen from all round the world complained of being treated by Rome as Bergoglio had been. The Vatican was supposed to be their servant but behaved as though it was their master.

The cardinals articulated two priorities for the new pope.

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He should reform the scandal-hit Vatican Bank and the dysfunctional Vatican bureaucracy known as the Curia. I really got woemn as I used to do when I was a child on such situations. I got hold of a wooden stool in front of me and hit him hard. It fell on his head and he started bleeding profusely. I got both sad and scared although I did it in self-defence — he was a marrird. I screamed in fear and rushed out of the room and told everyone what happened. But most of them appeared indifferent and started scolding me. He was taken to the Kozhikode medical college hospital where it was reported that he fell in the bathroom.

I was the target of tremendous ire after that incident. When everybody walked away from me as if I was a proclaimed offender I prayed hard. But when I realised that it was the way things worked, I really got scared that I was trapped in serious danger. Since then, I was marked; a thorn in the flesh for the congregation. Opposing wrongdoing was my character and that was the reason for all the conflicts that I faced in life as a nun. Sensing the situation I was in, Father Peter called for me one day. I told him every thing. I cried a lot in front of him.

He consoled me and advised me to handle the Church and people with restraint.

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