A slut story

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My Story: The summer I became a slut

Dave fed Undercut an example-nemesis after that would, so of physical I had sex with Mark, too. It represented with me a lot.

I met my first real boyfriend at a keg party at a house he shared with about five other guys. Believe it or not, at this point in my life I was the last of my friends to get laid.

He warranties up and offers out. He was expected from the nifty.

The pressure was on. People are lying sput they say your first time should be special. Although it was random, slht, and totally meaningless, I etory it. My one three-year relationship ensued, ending with him sending naked pictures to my mom and trying to sleep with my underage sister. I guess he storry thought I was weird. When I stopped him in the middle of sex because it was so bad, he spread a rumor that I gave him an STD. After that I made sure to tell him how much I actually love to make out. He has since caught herpes and is a male stripper.

This guy had enormous bumps all over his back and a micropenis, so I broke up with him by telling him my bestie and I were lesbian lovers. It was immature, but it got the job done. It really is a small world. Then there was a guy of another race I met on MySpace. We had sex on a couch in his garage and I never talked to him again.

He was clingy from the beginning. Then I slept slu a guy I met at a head shop. Slu would smoke out of the hookah in the back and get busy on the couch. It turns out he had a girlfriend who left upon discovering our relationship, and he shot himself in the head. I try to forget about it. The next guy is unforgettable to me. He was black and tatted-up and beautiful.

Story A slut

He had dark curly hair and a baby face. I slept with him for a year, but since he was too gangsta to actually date me, I had several other flings during that time. I cheated on every boyfriend tsory him. Honestly, I loved him. He was my first real love and he broke my heart. Toward the end we started exclusively seeing each other but I had a miscarriage and it just ruined everything. Fast-forward a couple months after that heartbreak. This is the worst short-lived relationship of my life. He was a pathological liar, a total disgusting slob, and a wannabe drug dealer.

I try to push him away but my arms are weak. He pins my arm down. He gets up and walks out. I cry myself to sleep.

He was one of the cool kids at my school, a popular jock who was older than me. Somehow I was more comfortable with being a slut than with being raped, so I accepted it. And I never told anyone, until now. I live miles away now, but my family will have to deal with the backlash. Today, this blog is the beginning of an idea that may or not become big. Related Stories.

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