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The Comancheros (1961 Film Score)

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In trying to evolve into something else, Big Jake and Paul Regret ending up working together to try and stop a gang known as The Comancheros and the gun runners who supply them, it becomes choppy. There is very little which is special about these various action scenes and whilst the punishment dished out by the Comancheros on anyone they dislike is a little surprising it doesn't really liven it up. And as such it makes me wonder whether the screenplay for "The Comancheros" was much bigger but due to the illness of Michael Curtiz elements were left out and what had been filmed was then quickly spliced together in the editing room. That doesn't mean it is a bad movie and there are some fun moments and a nice but brief performance from Lee Marvin as a drunk but it ends up for the most entertaining but average.

Expected to arrive within business days. And in a similar manner the scene where Big Jake goes to help Melinda Marshall and her daughter Bessie move from their ranch to somewhere safer is fun because Bessie is played by John Wayne's daughter Aissa Wayne.

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Now that surprises me because "The Comancheros" actually feels like it's a movie made Tne the hands of several directors and writers with a storyline which keeps on evolving and changing. But coancheros is also the cameo dahing of Lee Marvin as a half scalped drunk which makes it so much fun. In trying to discover their hidden fortress Cutter comes face to face with Paul Regret again and is forced to enlist the help of the criminal in order to try and find the gang. All our used books are checked for quality assurance which has consistently earned us fantastic seller status.

And whilst Stuart Whitman as Paul Regret does is hardest to make his character more than 2 dimensional and handsome struggles to shine under the immense shadow of John Wayne. What this all boils down to is that "The Comancheros" ends up for me a very average John Wayne western, spoilt by it being so choppy when evolving the storyline.

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