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Here's a few more things about me: I'm not religious but believe that's a very personal decision so I don't try and push my beliefs on anyone or belittle anyone else's beliefs either. I appreciate the same courtesy. I'm nearly always in a good mood even if you can't tell that from my "serious" looking picture. I really don't know how that happens I'm often silly.

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I like to add in a joke right in the middle of a serious conversation. I'm a great listener. I am asked for advice quite often. Possibly because I'm not afraid to give honest answers. I get along with everyone but have few close friends. Many of my close friends have been friends of mine for over 10 years. Despite the fact that male friendships in the Renaissance were openly affectionate, the powerful emotions the poet displays here are indicative of a deep and sensual love. The poet's lover is 'the master-mistress of [his] passion. Lines are of particular interest to critics on both sides of the homosexual debate. Some argue these lines show that, despite his love for the young man, the poet does not want to 'have' him physically.

The poet proclaims that he is content to let women enjoy the 'manly gifts' that God has given his friend. He is Lookijg to love the hus man in a spiritual way. But others contend that Shakespeare had to include this disclaimer, due to the homophobia of the time. The argument may serve to clear Shakespeare of the charge of a serious offense Note the similarity to Marlowe's poem Hero and Leander The barbarous Thracian soldier, moved with naught, Was moved with him, and for his favour sought. Some swore he was a maid in man's attire. For in his looks were all that men desire, -- A pleasant-smiling cheek, a speaking eye, A brow for love to banquet royally; And such as knew he was a man would say, "Leander, thou art made for amorous play: Why art thou not in love, and loved of all?

Though thou be fair, yet be not thine own thrall. For more on how the sonnets are grouped, please see the general introduction to Shakespeare's sonnets. How to cite this article: Shakespeare, William. Sonnet Amanda Mabillard. Shakespeare Online References Marlowe, Christopher.

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