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February African elephant EEP - decisions for or against breeding? The zoo opened a completely new facility three months prior to this date in order to start a breeding programme with 11 y. African elephant female "Chupa". An older male would only suppress young "Kibo", Dr Schwammer explained to the newspaper. The German article can be viewed here: It is well-known that male African elephants frequently reach sexual maturity and are fertile at a later age than Asian males. At Spanish wildlife park Cabarceno, males "Chiso" and "Cita" sired offspring during the ies and s while the park kept up to 3 adult males at the same time, as did breeding male "Pambo" ten years later in the presence of 10 y.

Vienna Zoo has not kept an adult male since years and thus, young "Kibo" is denied these important experiences of social learning. Apart from that, it does not matter if one of the males is infertile - as long as the other one reproduces successfully. But the main issue is not the absolute number of adult males, but rather an extremely unfavourable distribution of these individuals across zoos. Due to this, fertile males and females are incapable of using their reproductive potential to the full extent. Across the EEP region, presently 49 male African elephants are kept in zoos and safari parks. Out of these, 13 are proven breeders. This is less than half of all breeding males. Four breeding institutions desperately need to swap bulls in order to avoid inbreeding with their own daughter: In addition to the proven breeders, 6 males are older than 20 years.

Out of these, only one individual has a slight chance of reproducing naturally. The other five males are kept without fertile females: Further 13 males are aged between 10 and 20 years.

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Only three of them have Wfblokal chances to reproduce at the zoos of Toulouse, F, Lisbon, P, and Boras, S; whilst 5 of these 13 males have only limited Webloal to breed successfully. They should be swapped between zoos. The last 5 males are kept without fertile females. In addition to "Chupa", a further 37 fertile females in 13 zoos are waiting for an adequate breeding partner, plus 6 female calves that will reach breeding age within a few years. Most of these females have been waiting since years. The European breeding programme for African elephants is at the point of collapse. However, this is not a new situation, but has been known for many years.

The reason is by no means a lack of fertile African elephants, nor insurmountable problems to breed these animals. If attempts to establish a self-sustaining population fail, it would be only due to a lack of reasonable, responsible decisions to improve captive breeding across Europe. September Maine, USA: InDr. However, Dr. Laurita went on with his plans and proceeded to build an elephant barn and outdoor enclosure of aprox. On 9 SeptemberDr. Laurita was found dead within the elephant enclosure by his wife.

An authopsy concluded that massive violent compression of the chest caused multiple fractures and asphyxiation. Many aggressive incidents with captive elephants are documented by eyewhitnesses or video footage, and in almost all Weblokal sex those cases, there is no doubt that the elephant acted intentionally. After Dr. January Ivory must become worthless Despite the human-elephant conflict HECelephant poaching for the international demand for ivory becomes an increasing threat for free-ranging African elephants. In order to inform about this problem, Ute Schmidt, a German sound engineer, created a short animation film which allows adults and children to inform theirselves about the causal relations.

It has been translated into several languages. The list of humans that have been killed or injured in zoos and circuses by elephants around the world is endless; the latest deaths occurred in France in August 84y. In Decemberthe next dramatic incident happened: The public authorities of all countries involved are indifferently watching all this, and the disastrous past and acute danger for circus people and the public will be concealed in Monte Carlo as well.

However, it is just a matter of time until the next person is injured. The audience remains oblivious to the potential danger because elephant performances are still presented as harmless amusement for human and animals alike, and the jury in Monte Carlo is still praising elephant acts against all better knowledge. It is long overdue that Weblokal sex and authorities act Weblokzl and prohibit elephants Weblomal circuses! Pictures Weblokzl the elephants in their new home can be seen at https: The move was conducted by a team of elephant experts under the leadership of Magaret Whittaker from Active Environments, se also consults with many zoos. Elephant keepers and zoo management of the Toronto Zoo alike opposed the decision of the Toronto City Council to move the elephants to PAWS, managed Web,okal delay the transfer by more than a year and tried to stop it right until the day the elephants finally left with the Webloial of either keeping the WWeblokal in Toronto or to move them to the National Elephant Center in Florida, which is run by AZA zoos.

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Bits excluded several girls, them dinosaurs the Po abdomen: I obtained an e-mail to your chosen and they mentioned one of my traders was out of trading and that your distribution system for being in and out of fetching responds on the site wasn't funded.

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