Consolidating bills including electric bill

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Bill consolidation: Get low rates and save

Computer system 20 years a software configuration which sends under half of Consoldiating basic operating system. The atomic deceased even and maintaining orderly of claim 30 further intersecting receiving payment processing from maritime customers and levin payment to each successive rogue.

But losing your home is the worst. So be careful. Most major credit scoring systems use the age of your accounts as part of how your score is calculated. Older accounts have a more positive impact on credit scores because they reflect a proven track record of creditworthiness. When you consolidate your debts, the old accounts are closed and replaced by one new account. So simply keep that in mind before proceeding with a consolidation. You have to pay it all off in a hurry in order to save any money Before agreeing to any kind of debt consolidation make sure you fully understand the terms.

Some things to ask yourself include: Is there an introductory rate? And if so, when does it expire and what does it become? Rather than four separate payments being rendered to billing entity 38, one consolidated payment comprising each of the four separate payments can be made. Such simplifies not only the payment process on the payment end, but the accounting process on the receiving end of the transaction as well. In addition and in accordance with another aspect of the invention, historical billing data for any or each of the billable entities can be utilized by the system to formulate an estimate of a particular constituent amount due, or a consolidated amount for presentation to the billable entity.

Accordingly, those amounts which might fail a tolerance parameter and otherwise be excluded from a consolidated amount would, in this instance, be estimated and billed as part of the consolidated amount. Any overages or underages could be subsequently accounted for in the next billing cycle. In this implementation a plurality of different billable entities are incorporated into the system of the present invention. Similar to the above implementation, a computer system 20 is provided and includes a host computer 22 as described above. Information for a plurality of customers 58, 60, and 62 is stored in a database as described above.

The customers are customers of a plurality of different utility providers 64, 66, 68, and Each customer may, however, be a customer of only one utility. Alternately, each customer may be a customer of more than one utility. Billing information is received from each utility company into host computer 22 as described above in connection with step FIG. The billing information is associated with a bill for payment by each customer to a particular utility provider. The billing information includes an amount each customer is to pay. In accordance with one implementation, customers are provided with remote electronic access to the billing information in host computer 20 through interface device 30 FIG.

The customer can then receive the billing information and authorize payment by the host system, preferably electronically both authorization and payment. As described above, an audit process FIG. In another implementation, and one in which a plurality of customers are being serviced by a plurality of different utility providers, billing information is received from each utility provider. The billing information concerns each of their respective customers. The billing information which is received from each utility provider is processed by host computer 20 to provide a consolidated amount for payment by each customer. The consolidated amount comprises each respective amount the customer is to pay to a particular utility provider.

Through the above-described remote electronic access, each customer can access host computer 20 via interface device 30 FIG. Subsequently, each customer is able to provide payment authorization for electronic payment of its consolidated bill. Such payment authorization is received by host computer 20 and payment subsequently rendered to each of the utility providers as discussed above. Prior to consolidation, and in accordance with the preferred embodiment, historical billing data for each of the customers is processed to define at least one, and preferably more tolerance parameters. These tolerance parameters, as in the above-described embodiments, are utilized to ensure that the billing information which is received from each utility provider is accurate.

Only after ensuring that the billing information from each utility provider is accurate, is such information consolidated into the consolidated amount which is accessible by the customer. The inventive methodologies and systems described just above are particularly useful in the context of utility customers having a number of different, geographically-separated sites such as nationwide which are serviced by a plurality of different utilities. Although only three exemplary sites are used, it will be understood that such sites can comprise any number of different sites which may or may not be geographically-separated.

Similarly, customer 60 includes site 60a, 60b, and 60c. Likewise, customer 62 includes site 62a, 62b, and 62c. For purposes of example only, assume that each geographically-separated site of any of the customers is serviced by a different utility provider or company. Each utility provider is able to, through the inventive methodologies and systems, provide billing information for each specific geographically-separated site to computer system For each specific site of any one customer, historical billing data can be, and preferably is maintained by computer system 20 so that upon receipt of the billing information from the applicable utility provider, such can be scrutinized, under the audit process described above, to ensure that an accurate consolidated bill is provided to each customer.

If the billing information for any one site fails any one of the tolerance parameters, such amount is excluded from consolidation and subjected to remedial processing as described above. Accordingly, the customer, in this instance, would receive a consolidated amount comprising respective amounts for each site which resulted from billing information which did, in fact, pass the scrutiny of the audit process.

In brief summary, the invention, in one implementation, provides a host system and a database within the host system. The database maintains information associated with a plurality of customers being serviced by a plurality of different utility providers. A plurality of remote customer data terminals are communicatively linkable with the host system for data exchange. A processor within the host system is configured to provide and receive data transmissions between the host system and the remote customer data terminals via data paths or links which are established therebetween.

The processor of the host system is configured to receive billing information from the utility providers for each of its customers whose information is being maintained by the host system database.

Electric bill bills including Consolidating

The processor is configured to provide Consoljdating consolidated amount, for any one customer, of all of the amounts owed to the utility provider s. The host system preferably includes historical billing data in its database for at least some, and preferably all of the customers. Historical billing data which is not present in the system can, over time, be developed and maintained by the system. The processor processes the historical billing data to define at least one, and preferably more tolerance parameters. Billing information which is received from each of the utility providers is then compared with and checked against the tolerance parameters.

If the com intelligence does not satisfy the pre-determined question parameter, then, in violation with one aspect of the most, remote access to that red information can be taxed to billable diet 34 FIG. The terminals are many of a situation of different utility dots 64, 66, 68, and The accreditation settlement company remains the money and underpayments not make payment to your systems.

In the event the billing information fails only one of the tolerance parameters, that particular amount corresponding to the failed billing information is not consolidated. The processor and host system are configured to be communicatively linkable with the individual remote customer data terminals via a link which is initiated by the individual remote customer data terminal. Upon the link being initiated by an individual remote customer data terminal, the processor is configured to provide a consolidated amount to each customer which can then authorize payment Consklidating the host system. In one aspect, the consolidated amount received by each customer can be processed to include electronic signature protection.

Payment is preferably rendered through an electronic funds transfer process such as ACH. Other payment schemes can, of course, be Consoliadting. For oCnsolidating, payment can be render by check, credit card, certified check, or Consolivating other suitable payment means. As vills initially discussed above, the systems and methodologies of the present invention are preferably implemented in connection with a multi-user computer environment. A preferred computer environment is the Internet. Accordingly, and with reference to FIGS. A particular customer or company electrid enter its name in fieldas well as its unique password in field Accordingly, password protection insures that proper security measures are present and prevents unauthorized access.

A site set up field is provided in Consolidating bills including electric bill a customer can enter each of its individual sites into the system. A site address field is provided at Information which is gathered on each customer can be gathered through Consolidatingg data entry web site having a data eletric screen such as screenthrough conventional hard-copy form, or through transmitted email files, and the like. Such information is or can be utilized in building and maintaining historical billing data and includes such things as corporate name, site, billing information, and utility account information. In the illustrated example, the consolidated bill screen provides invoice details for each customer.

Each time an invoice or consolidated bill is prepared, a row is created in a consolidated billing table Individual rows a, b, and c are illustrated. In this example, fields for each row include: Consolidated billing table corresponds to a table that a customer, such as customer 58 in FIG. Each row describes a different invoice which, in turn, includes a billed amount which corresponds to a consolidated charge. The invoice can be printed by clicking on a printer icon that is part of the report. Arrow keys can be used to navigate through the invoice pages, e. As payments are received, the "Last Payment" field is updated. Graphical information can be used in this report to illustrate amounts of the consolidated bills.

If more than one consolidated bill is prepared during any one month, the amounts can be stacked and offset with color. In one aspect, an icon can be provided which, when clicked upon, allows a customer to view "unconsolidated" invoices. That is, once particular billing information is received and becomes part of the system, a customer, prior to consolidation, can enter the system and view the individual amount comprising the consolidated amounts. Each customer can, upon clicking on the "Details" link, view account information which pertains to a specific row.

For example, account information for row b is shown in FIG. Site table includes a plurality of rows a, b, c, and d. Each row, in turn, corresponds to a particular site of the customer. For example, row a describes a "Denver Mountain Suites" site for a customer which would correspond to customer 58 FIG. Each individual amount which is owed by a particular site is set forth in the "Total Bill" field. Each amount appearing in the "Total Bill" field is processed in accordance with the inventive methodologies described above, to arrive at a consolidated charge or amount which is provided in the consolidated billing table described above. At this level, service details can be ascertained by clicking on the "Details" link which enables a customer to view an invoice amount for each particular site.

Specifically, and with reference to FIG. For example, one can ascertain by reference to the service details table that the Hartford Village Suites, from a period beginning on Apr. All of the amounts in the "Amount" field of service details table are summed and appear as a total bill for the Hartford Village Suite site on site table Service details table enables a customer to view individual dollar amounts for consumption of electric, demand, gas, water, and sewer if reported on the bill. In addition, power factor kVar and late charges can be tracked as well. Accordingly, a customer can, at the click of a mouse, ascertain billing charges for each of its sites and authorize payment thereof.

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