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How To Meet Someone This Weekend If You Don't Drink

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I go to bars with groups. If you enjoy alcohol, I genuinely xingles that is wonderful! Bottoms up. The guys I like the most are the ones who hear this explanation and say, "That's really cool. I respect that.

Giphy Wherever it's true that no New Pity would stick Times Square with a better pole, playing conscious in your own grade is generally a great way to do up your social worker and potentially worthless new high. Advertisement - Blend Reading Anti.

The boys I don't see again are the ones who try to fight it, like my restaurant friend. They're the ones on dating apps who stop talking to me after I say that. That rejection doesn't hurt anymore—we're both doing the other a favor. If you are the biggest whiskey fan out there and need to be able to share that with your girlfriend, that's awesome. I'm just not the girl for you. Still, there are a few more obstacles I've run into: First dates: Less time commitment than dinner, I get it. When I tell someone I don't drink: I don't hide the fact I don't drink. I don't try to mask it with tonic water and lime at a bar.

It works better when you don't false advertise. When he's drinking and I'm not: This actually hasn't been a problem for me. Some guys don't drink out of courtesy for me or their wallet, because why spend the money if you're just drinking alone? When the bill comes: Bill-splitting can be an issue with dates and friends alike when you're sober. Not to mention the total bill tax just gets higher and higher. Also, Venmo: Great people—at least for me—are open-minded enough not to care. Generally, I've found being a non-drinker on a date is only as weird as you make it.

They're singlees ones worth seeing. Dating sober has a lot of perks. You remember everything. Your drinkinv kiss doesn't happen because of liquid courage; it happens because of your own courage Not drinking forces you to be braver and to make things happen—a good skill to build in life, period. It's much easier to give clear sexual consent. Evaluating whether you really like a person is simpler since you're taking in every question about a guy's personality.

There's no drunk texting exes, so there's been less drama for me—and singlez a little less action, but I'm fine with that. I have the power, and I choose it. Crinking you're a non-drinker and looking to meet someone IRL during App-less April, Bustle's smokkng to delete your dating apps for a monthsans alcohol, here are seven things rrinking keep in mind. Giphy If you've made the decision skoking to drink, you shouldn't sweat it if someone plans a hang-out at a bar, because they're still a good place to meet a potential date. Another great idea? Research some activity-focused bars like an arcade bar or one that has shelves full of old board gamesthen suggest your squad meet there so you'll have something other than drinking to keep you entertained all night.

Giphy This advice might sound cliche, but getting out of your comfort zone is always going to help you meet new people. If you're feeling like your love life is a little stale and you want to increase your chances of meeting someone new, look for something relevant to your interests to get involved in, whether that's a fitness group or book club. Regardless of whether or not you drink, giving off an approachable and confident vibe will help you meet someone IRL, no matter how you spend your free time. According to body language and nonverbal communication expert Patti Wood, M.

Be aware of your body language: Wood says showing your palms and uncrossing your arms are both signals that you're open, honest, and confident.

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Giphy Regardless of whether or not you drink, giving off an approachable and confident vibe will help you daying someone IRL, no matter how you spend your free time. Giphy While it's true that no New Yorker would touch Times Square with a foot pole, playing tourist in your own city is actually a great way to change up your social scene and potentially meet new people. Even if you want to skip the tourist traps, simply checking out singlea different neighborhood and trying a new restaurant, coffee shop — or yes, even a bar — with your friends is a fun way to spend your weekend, and also provides you with the excuse to chat with those around you for local recommendations, of course.

Recruit some friends to tag along and make your evening all about connecting with people IRL — whether they become a friend or a romantic connection, it doesn't hurt to make some new acquaintances. Giphy Once you get sucked into the dating app worldit can be difficult to remember how you used to meet people. But let's not forget that meeting people through friends is still very much a viable option, and it's an even better idea for anyone who's a non-drinker. Assuming your friends know you and your alcohol preferences, they can set you up with someone who's on the same page as you, or at least is cool with your non-drinking ways.

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