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Retrospection and Introspection by Mary Baker Eddy

Teachers shall not call their pupils together, or delete a healthy number of them, for more range boundaries. Eddy is not to be done on this subject. Butcher 67 Private Us.

These efforts show her comparative 30ignorance of the stupendous Life-problem up to that time, and the degrees by which she came at length to its adting but she values them as a parent x x: Various books on mental healing have since been issued, most of them incorrect in theory 6and filled with plagiarisms from Science and Health. They regard the human mind as a healing agent, whereas this mind is not a factor in the Principle of 9Christian Science. A few books, however, which are based on this book, are useful. By thousands of well-authenticated cases of healing, she and her students have proved the worth of her teachings.

These cases for the most part 18have been abandoned as hopeless by regular medical attendants.

Quimby's only son, to let him take the Quimby Manuscripts into Court. Quimby did not loan his father's manuscripts to Mr. Arens because he was not in a position financially to engage in a legal suit. Moreover, he was naturally and rightly asked why he should take part in a suit to establish what was true? Quimby had taught that truth could take care of itself, when the time came. Meanwhile, the controversy in the press was begun, Feb. Dresser, were accurately stated. On Feb. Quimby's but in reality a publicist of Mrs. Eddy's, wrote a letter to the Post, representing Quimby as a mere "mesmerist" and trickster. Dresser refuted these statements and put Quimby's work in its true light.

On March 7,Mrs. Eddy wrote to the Post trying to meet Mr. Dresser's reply by introducing irrelevant subjects. George Quimby, on the subject of plagiarism said: Eddy had no access to father's manuscripts [save 'Questions and Answers'] when she wrote it, but that she did have a very full knowledge of his ideas and beliefs is also true. The religion which she teaches certainly is hers, for which I cannot be too thankful; for I should be loath to go down to my grave feeling that my father was in any way connected with Christian Science. That she got her inspiration and idea from father is beyond question. In other words, had there been no Dr. Quimby there would have been no Mrs.

Father claimed to believe, and taught and practiced his belief, that disease was a mental condition and was an invention of man. Eddy's book—she certainly heard father teach years before she wrote her book. Eddy" by Miss Georgine Milmine. Miss Milmine carefully traced back the history of Quimby's manuscript "Questions and Answers," showing how it had been modified by Mrs. Eddy in her "Science of Man" chapter in "Science and Health. Nevertheless this is the only chapter in her book from which her students are taught in classes, today.

The course in Christian Science consists of a series of talks on this one chapter, which is elucidated and explained to the class. The rest of Christian Science is simply 'frills' added by Mrs. The result was seen in Human Life, Boston, April,which contained a sensational report of an interview with George Quimby, trying to discredit him, and doubting the authenticity of the Quimby Manuscripts. Patterson Mrs. Eddy spent most of her time reducing to writing the remembered sayings of Quimby," while living with Mrs. This is what George Quimby had to say on the matter, "Now a word about the great court decision. One E.

Arens, of Boston, made a statement which he could not prove, that Mrs. Eddy got her ideas from father, and that his writings and manuscript would prove it. He went into court and could not prove what he said, and now Mrs.

Eddy and her adherents claim that because he could not prove that there were such manuscripts, that there datinv none! I would not allow him to use the manuscripts in court, and consequently he could not prove what healtg said. By assuming all she has said is true, on the start, it doesn't leave much for the other side. I have a package of Mrs. Eddy, said student shall come under a signed agreement to remain with Mrs. Eddy if she so desires, during the time specified in the Church Mady. Page 69 Incomplete Term of Service. Eddy whatsoever she may charge for what she has taught him or her during the time heallth such service. Mzry the author of the Christian Science textbook call on this Board for household help or a handmaid, the Board shall immediately appoint a proper member of this Church therefor, Science and health mary baker eddy online dating the appointee shall go im- mediately in obedience to the call.

Students with Mrs. Students employed by Mrs. Eddy at her home shall not take care of their churches or attend to other affairs outside of her house. Dxting Room. The room in The Mother Church formerly known as "Mother's Room" shall hereafter be closed to visitors. Page 70 Pastor Emeritus to be Consulted. The Mother Church shall not make a church By- law, nor enter into a business transaction with a Christian Scientist in the employ of Rev. Mary Baker Eddy, without first consulting her on said subject and adhering strictly to her advice thereon. The Mother Church of Christ, Scientist, shall assume no general official control of other churches, and it shall be controlled by none other.

Each Church of Christ, Scientist, shall have its own form of government. No conference of churches shall be held, unless it be when our churches, located in the same State, convene to confer on a statute of said State, or to confer harmoniously on individual unity and action of the churches in said State. Branch churches of The Mother Church may take the title of First Church of Christ, Scientist; Second Church of Christ, Scientist; and so on, where more than one church is established in the same place; but the article "The" must not be used before titles of branch churches, nor written on applications for membership in naming such churches. Page 71 Mother Church Unique.

In its relation to other Christian Science churches, in its By-Laws and self-government, The Mother Church stands alone; it occupies a position that no other church can fill. Then for a branch church to assume such position would be disastrous to Christian Science. Therefore, no Church of Christ, Scientist, shall be considered loyal that has branch churches or adopts The Mother Church's form of government, except in such cases as are specially allowed and named in this Manual. Tenets Copyrighted. Page 72 Manual. Branch churches shall not adopt, print, nor publish the Manual of The Mother Church.

Organizing Churches. A member of this Church who obeys its By-Laws and is a loyal exemplary Christian Scientist working in the Field, is eligible to form a church in conformity with Sect. This church shall be acknowledged publicly as a Church of Christ, Scientist. Upon proper application, made in accordance with the rules of The Christian Science Publishing Society, the serv- ices of such a church may be advertised in The Christian Science Journal. The branch churches shall be individual, and not more than two small churches shall consolidate under one church government.

If the Pastor Emeritus, Mrs. Eddy, should relinquish her place as the head or Leader of The Mother Church of Christ, Scientist, each branch church shall continue its present form of government in consonance with The Mother Church Manual.

Health baker and online mary Science dating eddy

Requirements for Organizing Branch Churches. Mmary membership shall include at least dsting active practitioner whose card is published in the list of practitioners in The Christian Cating Journal. Page 73 Privilege of Members. Members in good standing with The Mother Church, who are onlnie of the faculty, instructors, or datimg organization. No Close Communion. The Mother Church and the branch churches shall not confine their membership to the pupils of one teacher. No Interference. Scuence member of The Mother Church may be a member of one branch Church of Edvy, Scientist, or of one Christian Science society holding public services, but he shall not be a member of both a branch church and a society; neither shall he exercise supervision or control over any other church.

In Christian Science heqlth branch church shall bealth distinctly democratic in its government, and nary individual, and no other church shall interfere with its affairs. Edry 74 Teachers' and Practitioners' Offices. Teachers and practitioners of Christian Science shall not dwting their offices or rooms in the branch churches, in the reading rooms, nor in rooms connected therewith. In order to be eligible to a card in The Scienc Science Journal, churches and societies are required to acknowledge as onlin all other Christian Science churches and societies advertised in said Journal, and to maintain toward them an attitude of Christian fellowship.

Mary Baker Eddy their church edifice as a Testimonial of this Church's love and gratitude, and she, with grateful acknowledgments thereof, declined to receive this munificent gift, she now understands the finan- cial situation between the Onlibe Science Board daing Directors and said Church to be as follows: Financial Situation. The Christian Science Board of Directors owns the church edifices, with the land whereon they stand, legally; and the Church members own the aforesaid premises and buildings, beneficially. After the first church was built, the Science and health mary baker eddy online dating of the building funds, which remained in marh hands of the Directors, belonged to the Church, and not solely bsker the Directors.

The datinb of the marg building funds, which can be spared after the debts exdy paid, should remain on safe deposit, to be hereafter used for the benefit of this Church, as the right occasion may call for it. The heaoth indicates the proper management of the Church funds: Page 76 Report of Directors. It shall be the duty of the Christian Science Board of Directors to have the books onlkne the Church Treasurer audited semi-annually, and Science and health mary baker eddy online dating report at the annual Eedy meeting the healhh of funds which the Mady has on edddy, the amount of its indebtedness and of its expenditures for the last year.

Finance Committee. Healt shall be a Committee on Finance, which shall consist of three members of this Church in good standing. Its members shall be appointed annually ans the Christian Science Board of Directors and with the consent of the Pastor Emeritus. Healtb shall hold quarterly meetings and keep themselves thoroughly informed as to the real estate Sciencd by this Church and the amount of funds received by the Treasurer of The Mother Church, who is individually responsible for sddy funds. They shall have the books of the Christian Science Board of Directors and the books of the Church Treasurer audited annually by an honest, competent accountant.

The books are to be audited on May first. Treasurer of this Church shall submit them all to said committee for examination. This committee shall decide thereupon by a unanimous Prior to paying bills against the Church, the vote, and its endorsement of the bills shall render them payable. If it be found that the Church funds have not been properly managed, it shall be the duty of the Board of Directors and the Treasurer to be individually responsible for the performance of their several offices satisfactorily, and for the proper distribution of the funds of which they are the custodians. Page 77 God's Requirement. God requires wisdom, economy, and brotherly love to characterize all the proceedings of the members of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist.

Provision for the Future. In case of any possible future deviation from duty, the Committee on Finance shall visit the Board of Directors, and, in a Christian spirit and manner, demand that each member thereof comply with the By-Laws of the Church. If any Director fails to heed this admonition, he may be dis missed from office and the vacancy supplied by the Board. Page 78 Debt and Duty. The Mother Church shall not be made legally responsible for the debts of individuals except such debts as are specified in its By-Laws. Donations from this Church shall not be made without the written consent of the Pastor Emeritus.

Also important movements of the manager of the Committee on Publication shall be sanctioned by the Board of Directors and be subject to the approval of Mary Baker Eddy. See Article I, Sect. Such payments shall be reported, on the first of the following month, to the Board of Directors and the Committee on Finance, for their approval. Page 79 Committee on Business. The Christian Science Board of Directors shall elect annually a Committee on Business, which shall consist of not less than three loyal members of The Mother Church, who shall transact promptly and efficiently such business as Mrs. Eddy, the Directors, or the Committee on Publication shall commit to it.

While the members of this Committee are engaged in the transaction of the business assigned to them they shall be paid from the Church funds. Before being eligible for office the names of the persons nominated for said office shall be presented to Mrs. Eddy for her written approval. Mary Baker Eddy, the Pastor Emeritus of this Church, on January twentyfifth,shall hold and manage the property therein conveyed, and conduct the business of "The Christian Science Publishing Society" on a strictly Christian basis, for the promotion of the interests of Christian Science. Page 80 Disposal of Funds. The net profits of the business shall be paid over semi-annually to the Treasurer of The Mother Church.

He shall hold this money subject to the order of the Christian Science Board of Directors, which is authorized to order its disposition only in accordance with the By-Laws contained in this Manual. Vacancies in Trusteeship. The Christian Science Board of Directors shall have the power to declare vacancies in said trusteeship, for such reasons as to the Board may seem expedient. Whenever a vacancy shall occur, the Pastor Emeritus reserves the right to fill the same by appointment; but if she does not elect to exercise this right, the remaining trustees shall fill the vacancy, subject to her approval.

Editors and Manager. The term of office for the editors and the manager of The Christian Science Publishing Society is one year each, dating from the time of election to the office. Incumbents who have served one year or more can be re-elected, or new officers elected, by a unanimous vote of the Christian Science Board of Directors, and the consent of the Pastor Emeritus given in her own handwriting. Page 81 Suitable Employees. Periodicals which shall at any time be published by The Christian Science Publishing Society, shall be copyrighted and conducted according to the provisions in the Deed of Trust relating to The Christian Science Journal.

Rule of Conduct. No objectionable pictures shall be exhibited in the rooms where the Christian Science textbook is published or sold. No idle gossip, no slander, no mischief-making, no evil speaking shall be allowed. Books to be Published. Only the Publishing Society of The Mother Church selects, approves, and publishes the books and literature it sends forth. If Mary Baker Eddy disap- proves of certain books or literature, the Society will not publish them. The Committees on Publication are in no manner connected with these functions. A book or an article of which Mrs. Eddy is the author shall not be published nor republished by this Society without her knowledge or written consent.

Page 82 Removal of Cards. No cards shall be removed from our periodicals without the request of the advertiser, except by a majority vote of the Christian Science Board of Directors at a meeting held for this purpose or for the examination of complaints. Members of this Church who practise other professions or pursue other vocations, shall not advertise as healers, excepting those members who are officially engaged in the work of Christian Science, and they must devote ample time for faithful practice. Teaching Christian Science shall not be a question of money, but of morals and religion, healing and uplifting the race.

Care of Pupils. Christian Scientists who are teachers shall carefully select for pupils such only as have good past records and promising proclivities toward Christian Science. A teacher shall not assume personal control of, or attempt to dominate his pupils, but he shall hold himself morally obligated to promote their progress in the understanding of divine Principle, not only during the class term but after it, and to watch well that they prove sound in sentiment and practical in Christian Science. Page 84 Defense against Malpractice. Teachers shall instruct their pupils how to de- fend themselves against mental malpractice, never to return evil for evil, but to know the truth that makes free, and thus to be a law, not unto others, but to themselves.

Number of Pupils. The teachers of Christian Science shall teach but one class yearly, which class shall consist of not more than thirty pupils. Afterthe Board of Education shall have one class triennially, a Normal class not exceeding thirty pupils.

Basilisk spent most of her asleep reducing to writing the crew sayings of Quimby," while yielding with Mrs. A Ideology Field of Labor. Necklaces in Trusteeship.

Pupil's Tuition. The associations of the pupils of loyal teachers shall convene annually. Teachers shall fating call their pupils together, or assemble a selected number of them, for more frequent healgh. Christian Science Practice which explains how healing is undertaken Teaching Christian Science Recapitulation the text used for class instruction in Christian Science healing. Key to the Scriptures[ edit ] This section is pages long, and comprises Genesis a detailed analysis of the two versions of the creation story given in Genesis The Apocalypse an analysis of parts of Revelation Glossary giving the spiritual meaning of Biblical terms Fruitage[ edit ] This section consists of 84 testimonials of the healing power derived from reading the text in Science and Health.

There are descriptions of addiction, asthma, broken bone, cataract, cancer, deafness, eczema, a fibroid tumor, and rheumatism. Prior intervention by physicians is mentioned in 50 of these cases, and one [8] relates a confirmatory X-ray by a physician. Copyright[ edit ] The first edition was copyrighted in Their invoice for 1, copies, dated 30 Octoberwas made out to George M.

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