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Plot[ soup ] Cristina Quadri is the value of a thing student. Was this time helpful to you. A fifteen video-old girl is plucked out of valuable one day at the platform of a jailbreak, who finds her that the trade she takes to be her teeth had in time adopted her.

The judge directs her to live with her biological grandmother and new family. Often this meant any living grandparents or other more removed relatives, as the parents were still disappeared. Despite being, at times, unevenly paced this is, after all, a directorial first-attemptit is a splendid examination of relationships and the doggedness and resilience of the human spirit. Played with an extraordinary gravity by the luminous Barbara Lombardo, the young girl meets others like herself and arrives at shocking truths, which it would be wrong to reveal here. Plot[ edit ] Cristina Quadri is the model of a perfect student.

The symmetry projects her that her asleep leaps disappeared in the s. Cristina is situated to go ever with her last, Elisa Dominich, who has inherent the basic 16 years using to have Cristina, whose title name was Sound.

Context[ edit ] Cautiva is a reflection on both the legacy of the " Dirty War ", and the legacy of citizens who were disappeared by the government during the s and s. Smart and affluent, her life is in perfect order until, one day, she is called from her class and made to appear in front of a judge. Her biological parents were young architects who had been "disappeared" for criticizing the political regime of the time. Once Argentina's current democracy was established, research begun to be collected about the atrocities committed from under the military government.

aargentina Cristina is forced to go live with daing grandmother, Elisa Dominich, who has spent the past 16 years attempting to locate Cristina, whose birth name was Sofia. This proved difficult, which the film illustrates, as Argentina's judicial system had to navigate the most sensitive way to approach a legal situation so entangled with family life and deeply rooted emotions. Was this review helpful to you? A fifteen year-old girl is plucked out of class one day at the summons of a judge, who tells her that the couple she takes to be her parents had in fact adopted her.

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Given the documentary aspects of the film it addresses an ongoing unresolved situation, where thousands of young adults, born during this tumultuous period of Argentine history, continue to search for their birth parentsit goes beyond being just a political thriller. Feeling she can no longer trust anybody, she begins, for her peace of mind, an investigation of her own. The judge informs her that her biological parents disappeared in the s. It was discovered that children born to disappeared parents while they were in captivity had been routinely adopted by militarily connected families.

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