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Wild-Bird Cameo: Anbel turns out mr in the afterlife can then create any broker they can think of out of person if they can see it well enough. The first fansubs launched for episode 1 were adept subs made by CoalGuys.

While immortal, everybody can still be seriously hurt.

If they are injured or die, they will eventually heal and revive regardless of how much damage their bodies have taken. The Nake shows that they beast even revive after dying of starvation or dehydration. Angeel do still feel pain, so this provides an incentive to stay out of harm's way. The Heartless: The Shadow NPCs. Heavy Sleeper: Angel sleeps through a kidnapping, an earthshaking battle and a surprisingly loud conversation between Otonashi and Yuri. Angel spends a few episodes with the SSS after being disgraced as student council president by the group in episode 5 and then gets her position back courtesy of Otonashi in episode 9, pretending to be her old self.

Eventually she rejoins the group again and befriends Yuri. Naoi, to an extent. Heroic BSoD: Shiina in response to her Cuteness Proximity weakness, as well as the thought of a newbie Otonashi outlasting her in Guild's Death Course. Heroic Sacrifice: Played with, since nobody actually stays dead.

Beats naked Angel

bsats Hidden Nakde TK's are always obscured by his wide bandana. High School: Although it's technically in Hollywood Encryption: Angel's personal computer is secured with "bit DES" which is hacked through without any trouble. While DES is an encryption standard infamous for being insecure, that's because of how short its key is. A version of DES that had an bit key would be impossible to break with any conceivable technology. Certainly not in a few minutes with a laptop. Hopeless War: SSS and Angel will probably be fighting each other forever since neither side can truly die. Noda, personality-wise.

Now if only he could get his hands on a mecha. How We Got Here: Idiot Hair: Ironically it is Yui who often calls others an idiot. Identity Amnesia: A common side effect for those that had brain trauma as part of their death. Indy Escape: One of the Guild's anti-Angel traps is a giant rolling boulder of doom. Fuckin' crazy! In Medias Res: The anime series starts off when the SSS is already established. Heaven's Door starts off from the very beginning, even before the creation of the SSS.

Eldritch Alignment: The Everyman:.

Imagine Spot: Whenever a new operation is introduced, we see it being put into action through Otonashi's Angel beats naked it. Immortality Hurts: The characters can regenerate from anything, and some of the deaths are quite painful. Immortal Life Is Cheap: Slapstickly so. Nobody gives a second thought about even the most gruesome of deaths in the Afterlife, secure in the knowledge that the deceased would simply return a while later perfectly fine. Impairment Shot: Done in the third episode to illustrate the effects of Iwasawa's stroke. Ironic Echo: In episode 2, Otonashi starts to feel a little uncomfortable with Hinata's rather chummy nature and asks if he's gay or not, which Hinata angrily denies.

In episode six, Otonashi runs over to Hinata, who's severely injured. He makes a note of the fact that he ran to him first, and asks the same question as Otonashi did four episodes back. Yuri blames herself for not being able to save her siblings. Needless to say, nobody else does. And perhaps to a lesser extent - Hinata for failing a decisive catch. Yuri again after accidentally sending Kanade into a coma by dumping aggressively violent copies of herself into her mind. Otonashi after his sister's death. Difference is, it actually is his fault, even though he had good intentions at the time.

This happens to Yuri's siblings after she fails to find anything valuable for the crooks who broke into her house. Knife Nut: Angel's primary weapons are blades that extend from her forearms. Yuri shows that she's also very skilled at knife fighting. Large Ham: Laser Hallway: One of the anti-Angel traps. Last Minute Hookup: Some fans think this way of the suddenly surfacing romantic feelings between Kanade and Otonashi. Hinata and Otonashi. About once in every two episodes Hinata will say something such as "I quite like you" or "I need you! Cue Otonashi asking "Are you It's pretty much a Running Gag. I don't want you to leave!!

Lampshaded by Hinata in Episode 6. Could also count as an Ironic Echo. It's taken even further in a few of the drama CDs, with Yuri in one of their acting sprees demanding that they reenact the scene in the second episode—-where, when in peril, Otonashi has to figure out the finesse of how not to accidentally grope Yuri while climbing above her and Hinata—from a HinaOto perspective on both sides because of the pairing's immense popularity at the time on Pixiv. As of Episode 6, Otonashi and Naoi. So then You'll acknowledge My existence? Hinata licked his lips lustfully, and wrapped an arm around the girl's waist. Letting out a squeak of surprise, Yui stammered, "M-Master Hinata moaned as he parted his lips enough so that his tongue wrapped and twisted against Yui's, both of them fighting valiantly for dominance.

He then slid his free hand up into Yui's corset, clenching tightly onto the girl's left breast. He pinched onto Yui's tiny pink nipple and twisted it slightly, causing Yui to cry out. A trail of saliva hung like a bridge between the couple's lips. Hinata had a mischievous grin spread out on his face. Tearing off the corset with a mighty pull, Hinata stared lustfully at Dawn's 'delicious flat chest', both of her nipples now erect. Leaning down, Hinata gently began to suck on Yui's left nipple, and watched as the younger girl shivered in response.

As this happened, Yui began to massage Hinata's penis, which felt almost felt like bests throbbing, burning rod in her palms. Good idea Neither one had yet to come out of the bedroom. Their role playing attire now laid in two piles outside the door, and various groans, moans and other assortments of noises could be coming from within the room.

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