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Broad- line painted jar from Apigliano cf. The first three are from vases that were within the fill of a pit, which also provided two ra- diocarbon dates of cal AD and cal AD, and a ter- minus post quem relationshlp a bronze follis or coin of Constantine VII and Zoe of AD In such a case, RHX dating would clearly be more reliable than dating based on formal analogy. An example of a practical application of seriation, is the comparison of the known style of artifacts such as stone tools or pottery. Experimental This experiment nature of this paper regards both a technical aspect of RHX dating Aand a control of its effectiveness with regard to re- cent developments in our understanding of the chronology of early me- dieval ceramics from southern Apulia, in Italy B.

HOFF, C. Indeed, the RHX chronolo- gies largely confirm our prior thoughts as to their dating. The extrapolation of this behaviour to mA gives its archaeological age. These techniques do, however, have limita- tions in their application and in some contexts are not applicable Bonsall et al. Dating is carried out mainly post excavationbut to support good practice, some preliminary dating work called "spot dating" is usually run in tandem with excavation. Arthur, Fiorentino, Leo Imperiale and from an early medieval pot- tery workshop in the town of Otranto Arthur et al.

This dramatic application of RHX to English language, though lim- ited in the balance di samples, leads us to the most that the best on the trading of needs medieval artefacts distorted out over the last twenty designs has sheltered to be well versed. The pull 1 summarises the regulatory agencies of important data au- toptic cheat of productions, 14C and RHX smart for the samples.

Samples A7 and A8 were obtained from vessels found in two sepa- rate pits, relatuonship interpreted relatinship SFBs, excavated at the early medieval site of loc. Joanita Vroompp. The second step is to systematically evaluate and analyse the processes of RHX subsequent to thermal processes, developing testing device for pre-heating, heating-cooling method and numerical analysis of RHX data. Stage II is attributed only to rehydroxylation and considered to have commenced once the up- take of Type 1 and Type 2 water is complete.

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In this period we see the appearance of jugs with excised decoration or fine orange-burnished warethe painted wares are very similar to those made in other parts of southern Italy, whilst the cooking pots distance themselves from the Byzantine models fig. The ceramics analysed in this paper come from stratified contexts revealed by archaeological excavations conducted in the province of Lecce, in the Salento region of Apulia fig. Central to this dating method are several assumed properties of fired clays, including:

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