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Stage Whispers January/February 2012

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It is perhaps unusual for someone of that vintage to explore the themes of ageing and mortality, but Lawler considers the Great Depression and World War II made for different times. They were much tougher times. There is no reason to suppose perffct will be any different for future generations. The original cast of Summer of the 17th Doll. It puts them on. Maroi year the venue is producing a three-week ppartners of the most successful new matfhmaking tried out at the venue last year. Three new partnrrs will be fnech. The first is Partenrs New Black.

It traverses soul, country, pop, jazz and sounds from an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tradition. Next is a satirical cabaret called Cautionary Tales for Children. This mock Mario fenech perfect partners matchmaking showwithin-a-show is told by a dysfunctional family fenecy of four, aided by their time-machine. Also being tried out is Matchmakinv. The style is Christian pop and American power ballads with a touch matchnaking gospel, Yiddish folk and the occasional Matchmakin show tune. These sorts of programs can be matchmakng dead end. After the try out the question is where to next?

But not in this instance. Arts Centre Melbourne is producing a season of the most successful production from its first series in That was Contact! For the venue, it fills a theatre during a dark period and links in with the Melbourne Comedy Festival. The lucky writer is Angus Grant. He presented the opera as a completed score and outshone other submissions from musicals. Everything moves at a cracking pace. A new one is brought in, who exposes the lies on which the team is built. Everyone finds their voice, especially the downtrodden children of the coach. It opened in July in the West End to mainly positive reviews. Now Ghost the Musical will open on Broadway before coming to Melbourne.

The musical is based on the film in which Sam, murdered by a mugger, is trapped as a ghost trying to communicate with his girlfriend Molly through a phoney psychic, in the hope of saving her from his murderer. A memorable moment was Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore getting raunchy on a pottery wheel to the tune of Unchained Melody. On hand at the launch was co-composer and co-lyricist Dave Stewart, best known as a member of Eurythmics. Dave Stewart in the flesh is engaging, down to earth and self-depreciating. He seems a likeable, funny, strong and driven person with an undertone of emotion and perseverance.

He said that composing for the new stage production Ghost the Musical had taken up nearly five years of his life, and has made him a nervous wreck. It has a mixture of traditional musical theatre and storytelling mixed with rock and roll and even what he would call voodoo gospel. Dave said this story is principally about living in the present, about that moment of death, and about making the most of every day. The new musical includes lots of those iconic erotic and sensual moments and mind blowing visual effects. Ghost features ground breaking technology and spectacular illusions by Paul Kieve, whose credits include Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. The illusions are that inventive and special.

Ebsworth Barnes. The show maintains its film heritage with fantastic use of screens and projections that add a real cinematic quality and an urban feel to the setting. The special effects are utterly convincing, bringing the ghost to life - well, so to speak; clever use of lighting and smoke had the audience totally fooled.

Partners perfect Mario matchmaking fenech

Dave seems to think they have a world-wide hit on their hands. After listening to some of the music and witnessing a teaser of the London stage production, I would have to agree. I sat in the second row of the West End Ffenech of War Horse and it was one of the most riveting theatrical experiences of my life. Life size horses traverse the stage, their flanks, hides and sinews built of steel, leather and aircraft matchmaiing. The previous night I was watching Love Never Dies mtachmaking the clouds. One experience had me falling asleep, the other had every sinew in my body on tenterhooks mind you Love Never Dies in Australia is much better than the West End edition.

It was the second major theatrical premiere to be announced for Melbourne in the space of two days. But Albert cannot forget Joey, and, still not old enough to enlist, he embarks on a treacherous mission to find him and bring him home. War Horse has played to packed houses in London and New York. The West End production of War Horse. How was the experience? Then it rolled around, and I was looking at all the dialogue, and it really made me unsettled. I just think that Simon is the best director ever, and he really guided me, along with the rest of the cast.

Jane Menelaus, who played the part 23 years ago, is in the cast. That was like having my own personal mentor on the road with me, and she really helped me. Geoffrey is very generous with his advice, and I just got there through the help of everyone around me. But it was definitely daunting.

Everything is there for a reason, so there was just a lot of pressure to bring this amazing dialogue to life. I keep joking that working with these people has saved me three years at Drama school. The Committee also undertook to establish a channel of communication with the Customs Department through which the Chamber, on behalf of the members of the WSBT Business Section, could exchange confidential information regarding possible instances of non-compliance with Customs regulations. This contact was established in the beginning of Following a communication from the Customs department highlighting the possibility of the seizure of the whole consignment of groupage cargo in the event that an individual consignment was found to be non-compliant, particularly because of undeclared excisable goods, the Committee undertook to seek clarifications from the Department.

With the introduction of excise tax on a considerable number of new products through the Budget measures and the concessions for deferred payment of excise tax being afforded to a number of these products, the Executive Committee held discussions with Customs to try to extend the credit period on spirits and tobacco. The Executive Committee is committed to follow through and will keep the channels of communication open. This problem affects the Business Section members which make a large number of deliveries in the area and hence suffer from traffic contraventions as a result. The key factors contributing to this objective had been identified as the need for competitive energy costs, efficient and competitively priced transport links and effective investment aid incentives.

During the year, the Board focused mainly on a number of core initiatives such as: These meetings were ongoing also in the interest of maintaining a good working relationship with this entity and to seek ways for further collaboration. The MOU sets out the devolution of the maintenance responsibilities for the common areas in the six identified Industrial Parks. A wellness programme for employees goes beyond the provision of free private health insurance. Programmes offered by employers in Malta tend to include education and awareness on the ingredients for a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, fun physical activities, flexible working arrangements, healthy snacks and drinks at the workplace, as well as monetary assistance to purchase equipment or to participate in a list of approved physical and well-being activities.

Members had the opportunity to engage with pioneers of corporate wellness in Malta and learn from first-hand experience just how much the practices benefit the overall performance of employees at the workplace. During the benchmarking presentation, Morgan Parnis, CEO at Business Leaders Malta presented best practices in employee engagement and the tools required to measure engagement. The session provided an excellent opportunity for members to learn best practices from each other in such a way that allowed them to provide tailor-made solutions to meet the requirements of effectively assessing employee engagement in each particular operation. The HR Committee grasped the opportunity provided by the announcement, immediately approaching the Principal Permanent Secretary with a proposal to explore collaboration between the public and private sectors with the aim to mitigate the impact of sick leave abuse common to all forms of employment.

Discussions with the Principal Permanent Secretary are expected to progress throughout the first and second quarters of The HR Committee is positive that the collaborative approach to mitigate the impact of this common and persistent issue of sick leave abuse, will result in workable outcomes for all. The HR Committee was consulted by the Ministry on the potential effectiveness of a programme wherein employees are provided basic, tailor-made and on-the-job training courses. The programme would provide employers with an opportunity to request training in basic areas of education relevant to their operations and have the course designed and provided by the Ministry at the workplace.

The HR Committee noted that while such training is already offered by other entities, the added convenience of training programmes at the workplace would definitely incentivise more employees to enrol and encourage employers to accommodate those wishing to participate. Based on the positive feedback of the HR Committee and employers in general, the Ministry commissioned a project proposal which is undergoing evaluation throughout Q1 Following approval, the Committee is to be consulted on the implementation of the programme. The primary function of www. Interested parties should be members of the Malta Chamber.

Besides operating the database and website linked to the jobmatching service, the NGO also takes great pride in assisting migrants to enter the labour market by providing training in basic communication, CV writing and job application processes, job interview experience and etiquette at the Maltese workplace. The SME and Family Business Committee organised a number of events during the year starting with an information session in February on the excise tax system. This was followed by another session in March on the AEO accreditation system adopted by the Customs Department to facilitate business for recognised economic operators.

Its main focus was training provision and in July two IPC certification courses with trainers from a Dutch institution were organised and coordinated by the Chamber. It also discussed developments at European and global levels which were of relevance to the sector. The Committee provided MPT with residential data of over 2, employees at the HalFar Industrial Estate so that it could aim to come up with proposals as a pilot project. With the support of the Chamber Secretariat, the Board drew up a list of the Economic Group members showing the main area of activity and the Business Sections they belonged to. The objective of this exercise was to try and understand better the needs of these members and to identify if they could be served better with more Business Sections to cater for the diverse interests or through more horizontal committees which cut across the economic group structure.

The Board also discussed the Chamber set-up into separate economic groups and the possible involvement of Business Section Chairpersons into the Chamber structure. This Board saw this as being done by creating two types of horizontal groupings, those based on a specific purpose and others of a more general permanent nature. The Board also met a number of Chairpersons from the Business Sections who reported on the issues discussed in their Committees. These are reported separately for the individual Committees. Financial Services Business Section The Financial Services Executive Committee met four times and decided to concentrate its efforts on identifying potential niches in the sector to promote to Government.

The Committee identified banking, attracting Islamic finance and the custodianship issue of AIFMD, as the sectors which Government should include in its long-term strategy and as the three key focus areas the Committee would concentrate on. The five key areas identified were: Although the Board started the process of setting up ICT Malta, their respective letters of appointment were never 64 received from the authorities. The Committee agreed that in order to pursue a more ambitious agenda, it needed a certain level of financial resources.

The Committee continued to discuss with Government the creation of a Logistics Hub, and in a meeting with Minister Christian Cardona in December it was informed that Government plans to make available land in Hal-Far at a subsidised rate, to be designated as a freezone, for current operators in the Hal-Far Groupage Complex and for other interested parties. The Minister also offered to include the Committee in the task force working on ideas on how this hub could be developed. The paper will analyse what would be needed to achieve this status and the potential added value to national GDP. The draft is currently in its preliminary status.

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And Chinese game shows tend to have matchmxking or six hosts. My job is to work with the format owner and Enlight to find a way fenedh make it work. The part series, based on the life of central character Mitch McDeere after the events portrayed in the book, commenced production in August in Toronto, Canada. Bob Hawke is ringing him up Kerry Packer is telling him to come and see him. Half the sheilas in the clubs want to get into his pants. And he's a kid who's come from nothing. It's hard to keep your feet on the ground. It was, by Packer standards, a low-key affair: Mario Fenech, former rugby league star, was MC. He admitted not being related to Jeff but said he would be proud to call him a brother, that he was a loyal and generous friend, and he would want him "in the trenches" any time.

Such elaborate declarations of love and loyalty set the tone.

It's a winning combination for Fenech, but is it good for boxing? Some believe it isn't. The main complaint is that as a trainer, manager and promoter, Fenech has a conflict of interest: Fenech has publicly said bouts between mismatched fighters should be stopped because of the danger to the weaker fighter. But his own matchmaking record condemns him. Boxing insiders ridicule his visiting fighters as "backpackers" and "taxi drivers" from poor countries who face a certain loss - and the possibility of incurring brain damage - in return for a short Australian holiday. The record of Fenech-trained fighters in the five years to July 31 this year shows that he is either a genius trainer or a lousy promoter.

In the 72 fights in which his boxers faced imported fighters, the imports lost 70 fights, won none and drew in two. Of these, 55 lost by knockout, 12 of them in the first round.

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