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Mall Scavenger Hunt Date Night

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Honesty is the best policy. We knew we wanted to go to the city because Chick-Fil-A was calling me. So, just decide where you think it would be best for you to find the items on the list. Next, you need someone to keep your children this only applies to those with children. Babysitters are an expensive option. I have no issue with hiring a babysitter if you can afford it. You can try making arrangements with your friends for date night switching. You keep their kids, they keep yours. We are very blessed to have family that lives close. You can take the train to 14th or we can meet half way. Someone just turned my helping hand down.

Try again! Take your time, im walking from where i was lol 5: Physical labor. Carrying things. Got it! I had offered several people a hand with things they were carrying or moving but no one bit. Finally, I came across a mother and daughter debating directions and I was able to point them to their destination. I was done! I was so eager to meet Lea by that point that I started walking up 8th Avenue in her direction. Which side of 8th are you on?

Im not. Did scavehger look at the last photo? I have not gleaned anything from it… 5: The concrete is the last one, right? To me, the last few images were random.

City Winery? I had not once considered, at any point during that day, that Lea was someone I already knew. What a fool! How had I not seen this?

I had not once every, at any special during that day, that Lea was someone I already knew. I was done!.

My mind was blown. It was SO far from what I was expecting that I was truly shocked at the realization. You are crazy. The list we used hknt, but it was designed for a team, as were the others I found on Pinterest. So, I put together a date night list that we can use in the future. Click here to download the Date Night Scavenger Hunt. Print it or save it on your phone, grab your honey, and head to a big store for you next date night!

Scavenger hunt Dating

This adds the extra dynamic of an adult scavenger hunt and is a lot of fun! When you head out to stash your loot also hide each of the pieces where they will be found by someone following the rest of the map. Step 3: To make this experience totally unforgettable choose one of these crafty ways to stash the loot at the final landmark: This will prompt her to look for a recently disturbed patch of earth! Set this up by stashing it in the cereal box, her makeup back, or the mail box. If they discover it themselves it totally sets the atmosphere for an adventure date! Try ideas that are more obscure. Make a list and bring it with you on the date.

Your date can then lead the expedition and try to find everything. You can give hints if you like but try not to give anything away. Once the scavenger hunt is finished, consider buying one of the items as a gift. Start by making a treasure map out of a piece of shopping bag.

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